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The full benefits of email communication & collaboration, integrated in a smart & secure solution based on a powerful mail server for business.

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Email Communication & Collaboration at it’s best

Business-class Messaging

Powerful technology at your service…

Axigen’s high-performance mail server technology is specifically built to provide you with fast & secure email communication (via Axigen SmartProcessing & Axigen GrowSecure), while ensuring effective space management (via intelligent Axigen UltraStorage).

…adapted to work the way you do

Available on both Windows & Linux OS, the Axigen messaging solution for business adds to this powerful technology just the right touch of everything: email, calendaring & collaboration, all backed-up by efficient 24×7 technical support.

Calendaring & Collaboration

Schedule meetings & organize tasks

Organize your business with effective time-management tools such as personal & public calendars, tasks & notes, available from WebMail, MS Outlook & iCal (Webcal) compatible clients.

Assign dedicated public folders for your teams & allow them to view your availability (Free / Busy) status.

Share & delegate

Share personal email & calendar folders, contacts, appointments & tasks with co-workers. Reserve common company resources, such as meeting rooms & projectors.

Delegate calendar / message replies – when out of the office, allow a replacement to confirm meetings, read & send emails in your name.

Local & Remote Access

Native connectivity with MS Outlook

Communicate using MS Outlook, while taking full advantage of Axigen’s calendaring & collaboration – via our Outlook Connector (including offline work, advanced search & filters etc).

Other POP / IMAP desktop clients

Alternatively, send & receive emails from many other popular POP3 / IMAP email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail.

Ajax “Refreshless” WebMail with desktop-like usability

Offers you keyboard navigation & shortcuts, drag-and-drop, “Live” email list view, frequent folders, email filters, out-of-office messages, individual Blacklist / Whitelists.

Brandable & localized standard WebMail interface

A fast & friendly web interface, with HTML email composer, temporary email addresses (account aliases) & RPOP connections.

Easily brandable & localized in your native language (over 25 languages available1), with several skins to be used at the end-user’s choice.

Mobile WebMail interface

Access your WebMail account from mobile devices with Internet access to check emails, compose / delete messages, set permissions on folders & much more.

Wireless Mobile Sync

With ActiveSync®-enabled devices add-on

Synchronize your email, contacts, calendars or tasks by using Axigen’s built-in Exchange ActiveSync® support for mobile devices2.

With BlackBerry® smartphones add-on

Gain instant access to relevant data such as email messages, contacts or calendars, regardless of time & location, from your BlackBerry® smartphone, via the AstraSync or the NotifySync client.

Extensive Security Toolset

Multi-layer security

The Axigen mail server guarantees secure reception, transit & delivery of email. Protect your confidential data with an extensive set of defensive tools, including:

  • Authentication & Encryption
  • Multi-layer Access Control (firewall-like rules)
  • SPF & DomainKeys Compliance
  • Blacklisting / Whitelisting / Greylisting
  • Country Filtering, DNS Checks & Blacklists
  • Identity Confirmation System
  • Message Acceptance / Sending Policies
  • Anti-Impersonation & Password Expiration Policies

AntiVirus & AntiSpam integration

For extra email protection, you can extend Axigen’s standard ClamAV & SpamAssassin3 defensive tools by integrating any of the available commercial Antivirus & AntiSpam apps4.

Extra security add-ons

Prevent spam outbreaks the minute they occur with Axigen AntiVirus & AntiSpam, powered by Cyren.

Effortless Administration

Web Administration console

With web-based administration front-end, set-up is a breeze and maintenance simple & straightforward. Configure service specific parameters through Axigen’s comprehensive Web Administration interface designed for optimized navigability, with quick links & contextual help.

Backup & archiving

Full / partial restores, offline & online backups, access from more than one location via the Back-up & Restore module.

Meet regulatory compliance requirements of major international standards through integration with third-party archiving applications5.

Automated operations via CLI & directory sync

Automate administrative & provisioning tasks using the Command Line Interface. Optimize processes & save time when making record changes by LDAP directory (OpenLDAP / Active Directory) sync with the Axigen mail server.

Account classes

Create different classes (groups) of accounts, with different service levels (such as allowed services, message size quota, filters applied etc).

1 The WebMail interface is already localized in over 25 languages. If your language is not yet supported, you can give us a helping hand by using our friendly WebMail translation web app.

2 Via the Push Email & PIM Synchronization add-on developed by Axigen, based on an Exchange ActiveSync® licensing agreement with Microsoft. View the full list of compatible devices

3 Axigen integrates with ClamAV on Linux. As standard anti-spam, Axigen offers SpamAssasin, for both Windows and Linux systems — on Linux, SpamAssassin is also bundled in the Axigen kit.

4 Extend your mail server’s antivirus & anti-spam protection by integrating Axigen with a wide set of antivirus / anti-spam software, such as avast! or BitDefender. See the complete list of applications

5 The Axigen messaging solution is in compliance with both the United States & European Union currently in force laws & regulations regarding data retention & preservation. For more info, read here

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