Neverfail builds and protects the most resilient business continuity solutions in the world

When Downtime is Not an Option

Continuity Engine protects your most mission-critical applications with a goal of zero downtime. It delivers near instantaneous failover with near-zero recovery times by proactively monitoring the health of your applications and ensuring that it is always in a healthy condition and in a healthy site. That site can be at the primary site, a secondary site, or even a tertiary site.

Simply put, we can help you prepare for and protect your applications, servers and data from disaster without missing a beat.


Increased application support plug-ins for Atlassian, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Veeam


Maintain Continuous Availability of Critical IT Systems with Instant Failover and Near-Zero Recovery Times (RTO & RPO)


Prevent User Downtime with Application-Aware Technology that Monitors the Health and Configuration of Applications


Protect Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments


Meet The Most Demanding SLAs and Recovery Times


Streamlined Deployments in Any Environment

Protect your entire IT ecosystem with flexible deployment options. Continuity Engine protects the most complex infrastructures with support for physical or virtual to any physical or virtual, HA-HA in same location, Primary-DR in geo location, HA-HA-DR.

Centralized Engine Management Service

The brand-new Engine Management Service (EMS) lets administrators quickly orchestrate and automate deployments of Engine technology from a single pane of glass. BC/DR management has never been simpler for large scale organizations.

Proactive Application Health Monitoring

Prevent application failures by proactively detecting failure patterns before they occur, automatically failing over critical systems to a standby platform to avoid downtime and keep users connected to their critical applications.

Seamless Protection of Multi-tier Applications

Out-of-the-box application intelligence automatically detects data sets, services and dependencies for popular applications; working consistently across the entire range of physical and virtual server platforms.

Built-in WAN Acceleration

Includes software-based WAN optimization for compression and deduplication of all data over the wire. Significantly reduce disaster recovery operation costs by reducing network bandwidth requirements by up to 80%.

Cozen Passive Node Management (New in 8.5)

Cozen means to trick, and this new technology feature presents an alternate identity to trick 3rd party applications that perform patch management into identifying passive nodes as unique identities.

Supports DR Testing Without Interruption

Ensure critical applications are recoverable in seconds to minutes utilizing fast DR tests that don’t interrupt production servers or end-user access to applications.

Automated Recloning (New with 8.5)

With full cluster or partial cluster recloning, Continuity Engine can address the issues around application and security patch management for repairing broken clusters. Now users can either perform cloning to the existing location or a completely different location, automatically deleting the old passive node or leaving it in place for further analysis.

Tight VMware Integration

Continuity Engine extends application intelligence and proactive application health monitoring to workloads running on VMware vSphere HA, vMotion. It also adds disaster recovery capabilities for physical machines within VMware SRM.

Support for Chinese (New in 8.5)

Simplified Chinese locale for the Engine Management System.

Continuity Engine: Effortless Ransomware Recovery -is now available on YouTube.

Watch this video to ensure your team knows the proper procedures to ensure recoverability should you be a victim of ransomware.

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