Why the solution should fit the business

Team work

When your business is first starting out its easy to invest in technology that fits your budget, but not necessarily your methodology.

You’ve got an awkward solution for your resource management, a cumbersome accounting platform and a bunch of other software bits and pieces that don’t interconnect, integrate or communicate. It’s the start-up version of the student pad. Cobbled together and patched with patience.

This is not the reality that the start-up should face anymore. Not with Cloud. Not when the options that are available to you are so vast that you can literally bend them to your will. Now, you can tailor technology to suit your business, rather than shoving the business into the technology. Not only does this improve business processes, but it makes you more agile.

What to look for

The best solutions to look for are the ones that include a flexible and dynamic storage solutions, which can scale with your business. Also ensure you can offer remote access to the business, from anywhere.

While there are risks attached – you need to ensure you have sufficient security processes and policies in place so as to not create a cyber security risk – this way of doing business has become the norm.

Bolster collaboration

Communication tools in the modern business are also critical. Many businesses have communication tools, but these can actually have a negative impact. Many start-ups don’t account for the need to have streamlined communications with customers, and clearly defined internal communication standards and policies.

Introducing these can make a big difference to your start-up. Instead of introducing a plethora of solutions, also consider just adopting one standard that everyone can use. Pick your Skype, Google Messenger or Whatsapp solution and stick with it.

Create systems and processes

Most businesses perform at optimal efficiency when they make use of processes and systems that suit them. Creating the business around the technology is detrimental to its health. Avoid it.

Embrace the competitive pricing and functionalities that have arisen from the digital revolution and take the opportunity to get the right ones for you. Don’t settle, choose a solution that will enhance your potential.

As seen on the Standard bank Blog