Information Security Expertise

Is your organisation secure from the cyber threat and enabling security awareness?

Threats change shape constantly to evade detection but most of them have similar objectives and behaviours, which seek to seize or destroy valuable & critical business information. The weakest link in most organisational security today is the human factor and though it is the missing link, it is often overlooked when building security resilience. Ozone is a trusted information security advisor providing intelligence, insight, experience, training and support.

How we help you.

Assess. Refine. Align. Improve

Through innovative, practical guidance, we enlighten and empower organisations to make informed, educated decisions, operate securely & efficiently, and reduce the risks associated with managing people, processes & technology.

As an information security systems & technology organisation, we strive to provide world-class, innovative, value-added solutions & services, establish a position of thought leadership, make a lasting, positive impact on our community and create a thriving company culture of collaborative effort.

We bring the best of our diverse backgrounds and expertise to everything we do. Self-aware, reflecting on our expertise and learning from it, we strive to give the tools, experiences, and leadership needed to excel in providing assurance, clarity and insight.

Penetration Testing

Our security experts simulate the tools, tactics and procedures of real-world attackers targeting high-risk assets with a wide variety of External, Internal, Web Application, Social Engineering, Wireless Technology, Embedded devices and the IoT tests.

Vunerability Management

A continuous information security risk process that includes our experienced management oversight with four high level processes which encompass, discovery, reporting, prioritisation and response with actionable remediation.

Managed Security Services

With our deep compliance and security expertise, sophisticated threat management capabilities, and dedicated support paired with fully integrated technologies and services to help take you beyond just the basics.

Data Classification

Identify the value of information so that an organisation can make intelligent, deliberate decisions on how data is handled. With automated, system-suggested, or user-driven classification, our solutions enable organisations to identify sensitivity and value of data.

Content Management

We offer a centrally provisioned, secure and scalable cloud or on-premise environment designed to address full content management and workflow requirements, which enable organisations to achieve more value, a lowered TCO and greater ROI.

Database Protection Services

Our DPS is a comprehensive data security platform that provides a full range of capabilities – from discovery and classification of information, vulnerability assessments, data and file activity monitoring, masking, encryption, blocking and alerting, to protect sensitive data.

Cognitive Computing

A powerful augmented intelligence solution with natural language processing, content mining and cognitive capabilities that helps explore, analyze and interpret data across a wide variety of information & data sources.

Cyber Security

Our technologies, processes, and practices are designed to protect data from attack, damage or unauthorised access, while promoting a proactive and adaptive approach toward continuous monitoring and real-time assessments.

Training & Awareness

We aim to take the human element beyond the level of awareness to security issues, by educating & training on how to assess the security implications of various threats in order to better apply industry and business best practices.

Information Security Compliance

Information Management

In today’s knowledge economy, organisations that cannot properly utilise their information assets risk serious consequences. This is being driven by a range of factors, including a need to improve the efficiency of business processes, the demands of compliance regulations and the desire to deliver new services.

Risk Management

Law and Industry mandates require organisations to assess vulnerabilities and risks. Organisations must be conscious of information security and develop and implement mature security controls based on a continuous internal risk and vulnerability assessment.


A consistent, structured approach to the way that projects are initiated, planned, implemented and finalised, will improve the  ability to adapt to changing circumstances, whilst ensuring that quality outcomes are achieved.

Cyber Security

The complexities of technology and the escalating capabilities of attackers make cyber defence a near impossible task, shifting focus away from purely preventive controls to a more robust approach including attack detection, response and recovery.