The year is in full swing and already February is tip toeing onto the Calendar. Henk Olivier shares the top small to medium enterprise trends in security for 2019

1. This year it is clear that the SME doesn’t consider security a big cost anymore. It is now the normal ‘must have’ if you have any type of IT infrastructure.

2. IT support companies are focusing more on advising and providing security solutions to SMEs. The only real need now for the SME is to focus on investing in proper security for business internet connectivity, and user awareness on do’s and don’ts when it comes to internet and email usage.

3. User education and policies are key factors in ensuring robust internal security. This is particularly relevant for the SME as they might not have all the tools to control users on a per user or per device level. It is also worth noting that part of the security of the SME has to be user education to ensure any investment has value

4. Security as a service is going to become more of a standard for businesses to have the peace of mind – you are paying someone to have security.