GFI Unlimited Makes It Easier For Businesses to Meet Compliance Requirements

Business Regulations and Compliance

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) came clear on the data collection and processing across the European Union. Furthermore, it has a substantial global impact than just what meets the eye. Together with Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) of South Africa compliance of GDPR has to be an essential side of the business process and investment to assist in reducing risks. GFI Unlimited comes with various tools in a single subscription that is both POPIA and GDPR. This is of great help to the organizations that need the assurance of compliance without being complex.

According to the MD at Ozone Information Security Solutions, Henk Olivier, GFI Unlimited is a software solution designed with the style of Netflix that gives organizations a chance to pay a single subscription fee to access various number of tools and packages of software. He added that the Ozone bouquet which was launched in 2018 is made up of 12 different solutions of software that allows organizations of whichever size to access the high-quality enterprise level compliances and solutions. All the above services according to Olivier give the business the required visibility into its system and provide a full audit of the software used by the managed service provider or the business.

The processors of the data of citizens of EU, employees or organizations must make sure that they are always compliance. The same trend should be followed by businesses that offer full data audit services to EU partners, people or employees. The key area that needs compliance is the such as audit trails and reporting, email security, network security and breach prevention, identity and access management, data encryption solutions, data identification and clarification tools. Olivier said that GFI Unlimited comprises of tools for email security, data, and email achieving, network security, network reporting, and auditing.

Olivier added that GFI Unlimited is in a position to provide businesses with reports and information related to security and data breaches and also the related hazards that are found in the networks. Furthermore, the solutions offer advice on how to prevent specific security breaches. Being at par with the requirements of compliance such as GDPR is not an easy task for many businesses. According to a chief revenue officer and senior vice president at GFI Software, Aurea SMB Solutions Johannes Kamleitner, the platform is using GFI Unlimited to make it easier for businesses to have access to the needed technology. He added that they are currently investing significant amounts in growing a catalog of software products excluding businesses from doing so. There is an excellent opportunity for partners of the channel and also its customers.


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