Cyber Security and UTM Solutions

Ozone Information Technology Distribution distributes premium UTM and cyber security software and services for the cyber security industry.

Ozone has been distributing premium cyber security products in South Africa and throughout Africa for over 10 years. We service skilled resellers with clients that range from banks, insurance houses and the public sector, and we work with international and local corporates helping them to meet their cyber security needs.

Supporting the Cyber Security Industry

The risks to business IT infrastructure are constantly evolving. We provide products, services and expertise to support cyber security experts evolve faster.

Ozone has the solutions that fits perfectly into businesses by providing the solutions for a solid foundation that protects against downtime and data loss, from bad password hygiene to patching and vulnerability management, to the moving of files, monitoring the network and finding out who did what, where and how.

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UTM & Cyber Security Software

Cyber Security Services

We are more than just cyber security geeks with pocket protectors, we are security experts with years of experience and have a collection of industry leading products that provide.

Cyber Security

Training and Awareness

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Management

Managed Security Services

Data Classification

Content Management

Data Protection Services

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