Henk Olivier, MD of Ozone Information Technology Solutions, keeps his feet on the ground by taking to the skies and going casual.

Henk Olivier

“Power paragliding gives me time to just do something I can enjoy and get away from the stress of running a business.

“When I made the change in my life to be less formal and more relaxed it really changed me. At least once a week I wear my jeans, ‘running takkies’ and a T-shirt to work. Still neat, but casual.

“I enjoy a spur-of-the-moment, unplanned breakfast or lunch out of the office. Sometimes alone, sometimes with my wife. Another small thing which makes a big difference is to deviate from the normal day-to-day routines, which can include sometimes working from home. It makes a world of a difference to just sit and take in the moment around you, really live in the moment.”

As published on UChief