How technology can hurt your business

Lady In a Business Meeting

There are several ways in which technology can really hurt your business. The obvious is not having any. The right tech can absolutely transform your operations and your access to valuable customer data. The key word here is ‘right’. The wrong tech in the right place can actually hurt what you’re doing and make your life challenging.

1. Email and website

If you have an email address that’s brilliant. However, if you’re using one that has a shared domain name – like – this isn’t going to reflect well on your business. Potential clients will perceive this as being unprofessional or feel that perhaps you’re just a one-man-band and aren’t quite up to the task of taking them on.

The same issue arises when you have a website address, but it says it’s ‘under construction’ or it only has a few contact details. Potential clients almost always look at a company website before they make a decision.

It gives them insight into the various products and services that you offer and the brand as a whole. Poorly designed websites with tattered, badly written copy, will invariably result in loss of business. Your website is often the reason why a client will either choose you or move on to someone else.

2. Accounts

There are numerous accounting tools that you can use today. They allow you access to a proper accounting system for quotes, invoices, statements and other useful finance tools. Often start-ups kick off using Excel or Word as their preferred platform for invoicing clients, sending out quotes and tracking finances. This often results in inaccuracy, poorly captured details and mistakes.

The thing is, when it comes to VAT, year end payments, suppliers, PAYE and all the other fine details that surround accounts, the last thing you need is a hot mess in a random document somewhere. Yes, Excel is fantastic technology, but no, it isn’t the one you should be using to manage your growing company’s financial data.

3. Marketing

Many start-ups don’t have dedicated marketing personnel for their services, products or, really, anything at all. It’s likely you’re the marketing brains behind the operation, just as you are finance, sales and service.

Make use of online tools and technologies such as online marketing sites, Google Adwords and other equally clever social listening tools to get a grip on your marketing and its reach. These investments don’t have to be expensive, but they can utterly transform your growth trajectory.