Kerio Control 9.2 brings increased throughput performance and incoming filtering by country.

Kerio Control
Software optimization improvements have increased throughput performance to better utilize today’s elite Internet Service Providers.
Traffic filtering based on country allows administrators greater control of incoming network traffic to better protect networks and users.
Key New Features:Increased Throughput PerformanceKerio’s appliances deliver end to end network security with optimized software for fast throughput speeds.

Filter Incoming Traffic by Country

Block incoming connections to the network based on the country they originate from. Customers with high internet speeds (exceeding 50Mbps)
Optimized software for all hardware and software appliances provides faster throughput. Customer network’s have the same level of protection with faster throughput speeds. There are two major factors contributing to the performance improvement in Kerio Control:

  1. 64-bit architecture:
  • A number of improvements were made due to the change in architecture from 32-bit to 64-bit.
  • Throughput gain: 15%.

      2. Large Segment Offload (LSO):
A technique that allows the network interface controller to process the
segmentation of a data transfer. The performance gain is significant, but
noticeable only on large data transfers. LSO capability is hardware
dependent and may not be available in all deployments. LSO is supported
on all NG series appliances.

  • Throughput gain: significant  (e.g. up to 400 Mbps on the NG100 appliance)
  • Internet speeds are getting faster and more widely available. Businesses require a security appliance that can keep up with today’s Internet speeds.
  • Throughput Performance
NG100 NG300 NG500
Firewall throughput 500Mbps 900Mbps 900Mbps
UTM throughput 300Mbps 700Mbps 900Mbps

Block Incoming Traffic by Country

For administrators that want to restrict access to their network based on the country of origin, the GeoIP Filter blocks incoming connections from specified countries. Kerio Control checks incoming IP addresses against a local database to identify which country the traffic is originating from. Once turned on, no incoming connections from blocked countries will be allowed.

Administrators may prefer to not allow incoming connections from certain countries. This provides the network protection by reducing network traffic and potential malicious traffic.

Business owners may want to block traffic because they do not do business in a specific country, or do not want to allow access from a specific country.

If an administrator sees unusual or suspicious traffic from certain IP addresses originating from the same country, they have the option to block the whole country either permanently, or temporarily.

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