Henk Olivier

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) may set the guidelines for the collection and processing of personal data within the European Union (EU), but it also has far reaching global impact. Alongside South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), GDPR compliance has to be an essential part of business process and investment to minimise risk. For organisations that want the assurance of compliance without the complexity, GFI Unlimited provides a bundle of tools in one subscription that’s both GDPR and POPIA compliant.

“GFI Unlimited is a Netflix-style software solution that allows organisations to pay one subscription fee to gain access to multiple tools and software packages,” says Henk Olivier, managing director at Ozone Information Security Solutions. “Launched earlier in 2018, the existing bouquet consists of 12 different software products that allow for organisations of any size to gain access to high-end, enterprise-level solutions and compliance. These services hand the business the visibility it needs into its systems and provides a full audit trail of the software or tools that are used by the business or managed service provider.”

Organisations that process the data of EU citizens, organisations or employees have to ensure that they are compliant. The same goes for any business that provides full data services to EU partners, employees or persons. The primary areas that require compliance include data identification and classification tools, data encryption solutions, identity and access management, network security and breach prevention, email security, and audit trails and reporting.

“GFI Unlimited includes tools for email security, email and data archiving, network security, network auditing and reporting,” concludes Olivier. “It can provide the business with reports and information around security and data breaches as well as potential hazards located on the network. The solution also advises on how to prevent certain security breaches.”

“Meeting compliance requirements like GDPR can be challenging for any business, but with GFI Unlimited we’re making it even easier for businesses to access the technology they need,” said Johannes Kamleitner, senior vice president and chief revenue officer at GFI Software, Aurea SMB Solutions. “We’re investing millions in growing a catalogue of software products, so that businesses don’t have to. It’s an exciting opportunity for channel partners and customers alike.”