Ozone adds Exinda for network solutions

Connected Business

Ozone Information Technology Solutions has included Exinda Application Assurance and Visibility as one of its network optimisation solutions.

Designed to help network managers and administrators overcome complex network challenges, Exinda reduces network costs and resolves issues faster.

Exinda takes an integrated approach by combining interactive analytics and an intelligent recommendation engine with powerful tools such as action shaping, bandwidth monitoring and WAN optimisation,” explains Henk Olivier, MD of Ozone Information Technology Solutions.

“The solution comes in one suite of services that are easy to use and implement. These tools are designed to support the enterprise network as it adapts its infrastructure to the demands of digital transformation and to lower WAN costs by up to 40%.”

The solution includes interactive analytics dashboards that provide insight across all users, applications, devices and locations, and purpose-built reports that provide a snapshot of activity and issues.

The recommendation engine is designed to predict problems before they occur by following patterns and changes in the network, and this is further supported by traffic shaping, real-time monitoring and accurate resource allocation. Exinda also has built-in WAN acceleration technology to ensure critical applications run smoothly and swiftly.

Oliver adds: “Most businesses have applications running in the cloud or on a WAN network, especially if it is based across different geographic locations. For the IT network engineer and professional, the challenge lies in improving the performance of these applications or improving the actual performance of the WAN and this is close to impossible without the right tools or systems.”

As seen on IT-Online