Unified Communication for Organizations

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Unified Communication for Organizations:

Unified communication is becoming a hot topic of discussion in businesses to improve internal communication. Especially in companies that have more than one branch.

To reduce traveling costs there are different systems for companies to communicate via shared documents, group discussions as well as group notice boards. To have a basic unified communication system setup for companies is not expensive, it all depends on the requirements. There are many standard off the shelf systems that companies can use, but if a company requires a custom designed system, it can become costly. For many companies this is seen as an extra overhead admin process but many businesses can improve employee productivity and communication with having an effective system in place.

For business owners to make a decision if they need a unified communication system in their organisation to communicate more efficiently is not that problematic. Business owners need to create a basic process flow of how information and communication flows between employees and the media that is used to transfer information. If there are numerous communication tools involved and different systems to transfer and send information between employees, or to do project discussions, it will be beneficial for a business owner to investigate in a unified communication system.  Business owners must create a basic needs analysis of what a system must be able to do, and then look at available options on the market, or get a development company to assist if the business requires a custom designed system.

Samepage is a file sharing and communication system hosted in the cloud. Users can easily share files, photos, videos and more by dragging and dropping them onto a page. Teams can move their conversations out of email and on to the page, saving time and making collaboration faster, more efficient and more productive. Project managers can create meeting agendas and task lists to keep projects on track and add important dates for a rolled-up calendar view of a project’s key milestones.

In addition, work teams can synchronize files to their computers – and with Samepage integration with top file synchronization services, they can also easily work with existing cloud files. Samepage makes administration and support faster and simpler. Rather than dealing with multiple point solutions – file sharing, email, instant messaging and online tools – you work with only one point of communication and file collaboration. With Samepage, content and comments appear on the same page, so that everyone understands the context in which they were created. Users no longer need to hunt for attachments or read long and tedious email threads. And because it is no longer necessary to forward attachments, you save significant space on your mail server.

Kerio Connect is a mail server solution that can work well with Samepage.

Kerio Connect delivers the features and functionality of Microsoft Exchange, without its complexity and cost. Management is easy. With Kerio Connect’s clean and simple web admin interface, you can even configure your system from a tablet device. Kerio meets your requirements with the best and most flexible messaging and collaboration server on the market. Business users don’t care about mail servers. They simply care that their email works, that it’s secure, and that they can use the email provider that they prefer. Kerio Connect delivers the flexibility that users want and expect – the freedom to use Outlook (Windows & Mac), the OS X Apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts & Reminders, or the full-featured Kerio Connect client for webmail. With Kerio Connect, users can do instant messaging and calendar sharing.